Chimpyfest IX


10 Sep 2021 @ 14:00

Facebook event

The UK's annual Grindcore premiership event. 
Refreshingly low in bullshit, satisfyingly rich in apeshit.





ABORTION - Mincey Grind from Nitra

ACTIVE MINDS - Oldschool Hardcore Punx from Scarborough

BLOCKHEADS - Classic grindcore guest lecture from Nancy

BLOOD I BLEED - Grind/fastcore neuroticism from Frisia

BRODEQUIN - Very Brutal Death Metal trickery from California / Tennessee / Leiden

BRÜNNER TODESMARSCH - Raw fastcore from Brno

CARNAL DIAFRAGMA - The one and only Teletramgore from Ostrava

CHINSNIFFER - Grindtronic cacophany from Liverpool

CRIPPLED FOX - Hookfilled thrashcore from Budapest

ENDLESS SWARM - Grindviolence pummeling from Edinburgh

ENDORPHINS LOST - Chunkies grind/PV from Seattle

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - Classic Crust from North

FAMINE - !!!LAST EVER SHOW!!! Grinding hardcore mindblender from Leeds; dancing shoes a must!

HETZE - Hardcore Punx Attax from Antwerp/Gent

JACK - Crusty grind savaging from Kiskunhalas

OKUS - Doomed crust from Drogheda

PIZZA TRAMP - Jolly thrashcore from South Wales

POISONOUS CUNT - London's own HC Punk venom spitters

SHEEVA YOGA - Backflip-mad fastcore from Ostrava

SHRYKULL - Slower/faster/blacker/cruster(?) from Nottingham

SKINLOVER - PV from Lincoln with plenty of slow nasty

SLOTH HAMMER - ??? from Leeds

THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN - Leedses joogiest grindoids

TRAVOLTA - Crusty fastcore from Heultje

TRIGGER - Sludge tinted guitar-free grind from Glauchau

TURTLE RAGE - Rapid Turtlecore from Berlin

UXDXS - Goreviolence from Copenhagen

VARUKERS - D-beat Pioneers from the Midlands

We're sorry, but there are no tickets available