After a sell out show here New Cross Inn are delighted to welcome back the world's foremost activist anarchist punk band - Conflict. 

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Cited by many as the world’s foremost Activist Anarchist punk band.
Conflict hold a unique and fascinating position of being hugely influential in the ANARCHIST MOVEMENT inspiring tens of thousands worldwide.Their calls to direct action have been met by ACTIVISTS in great numbers throughout the years,Conflict remain active on all fronts to date. 

Conflict releases have dominated the independent charts since the groups debut single "The house that man built" was released in 1981. This reached No 1. Thereafter Conflict releases mostly followed suit shifting tens of thousands of units worldwide. 

Conflict - "The Ungovernable Force" is considered by most to be Conflicts coming of age, inspiring so many in so many ways globally, this entered the charts straight at No 1 and remained there for weeks on end even holding off THE SMITHS "The Queen is Dead" album. MORRISSEY has since spoke of his frustration at having to be content with No 2. THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE. 

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Fuckin fast and fuckin tasty hardcore from the scummy depths of London Town. Built a reputation for hard and energetic shows through gigs all over England. 

Rats Nest
Rats Nest are a 4 man Punk band consisting of aggressive vocals complaining about the corruption of society and other social affairs, as well as fast drums and mad guitar solo's.

Russ Crimewave 
An injured hand, an acoustic guitar and a handful of songs and Russ Crimewave was regurgitated from the bowels of punk rock to hurl angry acoustic songs at a sometime beleagured audience often shouting his way thru just written songs which attack anything and anyone that annoys him and not worrying if the audience feels uncomfotable with what he has to say or play. 

Old school hard core punk band from Italy

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31 Dec 2018 @ 18:00

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