Chimpyfest UK Edition (2021)

09 Sep 2021 @ 18:00

Facebook event

Thursday September 9 / Friday September 10 / Saturday September 11 2021



The UK's annual Grindcore premiership event.
Refreshingly low in bullshit, satisfyingly rich in apeshit.
The original 2020 event (link below) with the international bill is being postponed yet again, till September 2022. All tickets remain valid for that! Ticketholders for that event have been sent an email from detailing their options. Please check your emails linked to you Bigcartel accounts if you haven't already.

2020 ->2022 event link:

THIS POOEY ONE IS A NEW BLIGHTY BANDS ONLY CHIMPYFEST BILL featuring 29 of the UK's finest fast bands and one really slow one. Tickets will be available within a couple of weeks.

ACTIVE MINDS - Oldschool hardcore punx from Scarborough

ATOMCK - Banshee grindcore from South Wales/Bristol

CHINSNIFFER - Grindtronics from Liverpool

CREPITATION - Slamicidal Grindification from Liverpool

DAD - Paternal powerviolence from Liverpool

DEVIATED INSTINCT - Stenchcore from Norwich

DO ONE - Hardviolence Powercore from London

EVISORAX - Techy grind fury from Wigan

EXTINCTION OF MANKIND - Classic Crust from North

FOETAL JUICE - Death grind riff fest from Bury

GENDO IKARI - Grindcore from Glasgow

HORSEBASTARD - Equine grind from Liverpool

HOT COPS - Saturday night dancetroop PV from Northampton

HUMAN CULL - Grindcore from the West

KRUPSKAYA - Noisy grind from Stoke-on-Trent

LIFEWRECKER - Trve London falsegrind

MISTER LIZARD - Noise grock from the South East

MORTUARY SPAWN - Interintermentiary death metal from Leeds

NGANGA - Reifertcore of London

ONA SNOP - Intermittent fastcoreviolence from Leeds

PISSKRIEG - The Ashley Morris d-beat experience

SHRYKULL - Slower/faster/blacker/cruster(?) from Nottingham

SLOTH HAMMER - Slothcore from Leeds

STIFF MEDS - Hardcore ragers from London

SULK - Leeds grindviolence

THE ATROCITY EXHIBIT - Northampton sludgy grind

TYSTVAR - London d-beat crust punx attax!

VARUKERS - D-beat pioneers from the Midlands

VILE SECT - Industripunk from the Midlands

WHEELCHAIR WHEELCHAIR WHEELCHAIR WHEELCHAIR - Grindcore/pv and other noises from Glasgow

We're sorry, but there are no tickets available