The 30th Throwdown

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*PLEASE NOTE: Due to these uncertain times, we cannot predict how things are going to unfold over the next few months, so the final date for this show to TBC. We want everyone to have fun but safety must come first. However, we can confirm that it WILL be a Saturday, most likely between the beginning of June and end of August. All tickets purchased can be refunded on final confirmation of a date if you can't make it*

Eight days apart in the Year of our Lord nineteen hundred and ninety, two young fellows were thrust screaming and mildly inconvenienced into this mortal coil; one an incoherent sentient beard with an startlingly all-encompassing knowledge of the British Empire, the other a towering specimen consisting of roughly 85% hair and miscellaneous limbs. Brought together many years later through a mutual love of ska, booze and usable festival toilets, the pair somehow defied natural selection, and in 2020 will both be observing their 30th journey around the Sun. Time for a party, we think.

On [INSERT POST LOCKDOWN DATE HERE], we'll be getting together with a few of our favourites for your standard New Cross Inn all dayer. Expect fun, frolics and questionable dancing.

Line up info to follow very soon, can't wait to see all your lovely faces there.

Big love to Laurence Crow Illustration for his cracking artwork as per.

Date TBC
Doors: 2pm
Tickets: £6 ADV / £8 OTD

06 Jun 2020 @ 18:00

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